Most Awaited OnePlus 2 Launch Set for 27 July

OnePlus has finally announced that its second flagship smartphone, and the OnePlus 2 launch is on July 27. OnePlus 2 is the most awaited smartphone of the year and users all over the globe are excited to get high specification phone at low price. The OnePlus company is also organizing OnePlus 2 launch event for India on July 28 at New Delhi.


Rather than hosting the launch event at a single location the company will stream the event live in virtual reality. OnePlus is giving away its own version of Google Cardboard to all the fans, a means of beaming VR footage from a smartphone through two lenses into the wearer’s eyes, for free. Regarding the OnePlus Cardboard, the company said: “We’re definitely losing money on this,” but claims doing so will give fans the best possible way to experience the new phone.

Talking about the Invite System of OnePlus 2, they explained “With the OnePlus One, we did a bit better than we thought we would. This has made us more confident, and therefore we will have far more launch inventory than last time. We’re talking about 30-50x last year. This means that it will be significantly easier to get an invite from the very beginning.”

The Chinese smartphone maker in its latest blog post has made a bold statement claiming the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint sensor is faster than Apple’s iPhone Touch ID sensor. “With the OnePlus 2, the fingerprint sensor is done right. It’s refined and lightning quick, unlocking your device faster than Touch ID. The average person checks their phone over 200 times per day. If you spend just three seconds inputting a PIN number or pattern, that’s over an hour of your time gone each week,” says the forum post on OnePlus site .

The OnePlus 2 is now called the flagship killer smartphone. We currently know that it will use a 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and 515 ppi density. The camera setup consists of a 16MP main camera with a Sony Exmor IMX 234 senor and a 5MP front-facing one.  The OnePlus executive also confirmed that the OnePlus Two will have 4GB of LPDD4 RAM and also include dual SIM support, too. OnePlus have also confirmed that the price of the phone will be below 450$.


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