Microsoft Updates “Your Phone” App to Check your Battery Status on Your Computer

Microsoft has recently updated the “Your Phone” app, this app is the best way to integrate the Smartphone and Windows 10 computer together. Microsoft has stopped the development of smartphone device development long back, backfire of the windows phone architecture.


So, this is the best and possible way to you have the windows in your pocket and it also works far well with Android devices. Microsoft is continuously updating this app with new features, and the last update brings the battery status indicator in the app. 

If your smartphone device is paired with Windows computer using this application, you can easily check the battery status of your phone directly from your Windows PC. You also need to note that, this application is only available for Windows 10 PC.

Your Phone Features

So, if you are using any Windows version lower than that, it is recommended to upgrade your Windows PC to use this following app features.  Although this feature is only available for Windows insiders, this feature will be soon available for the public release within the next update. 

Similarly, there are few new features are also under development, which will soon get released to the users. Microsoft is preparing for the phone call feature which is one of the most innovative features, soon to be available for the users. Although this feature would require the phone and computer to be connected with Bluetooth connection.

So, the device and the Windows 10 PC can have more involved connection rather than just bi connected in the same network. 

So basically, the PC will act as the Bluetooth headset which will be able to receive calls and have the complete access of contacts. This will be much similar to the Facetime and iMassage features which are already available in the market for several years. So, you should keep an eye out for the update this application, in case you are not a Windows insider.