MI Smart Band 5 Launched in India & All You Need to Know

MI has just unveiled its addition to the series of Smart Band with improvisations to the earlier model. Its MRP in India is Rs. 2,999 but as an introductory offer, the MI Smart Band 5 will go on sale at Rs. 2,499 which will be available for purchase from 1st October 12 noon.


The smart band comes in six vibrant colors, each color representing your mood!


Top 5 Features of MI Smart Band 5

1. Large dynamic color-display – You get to choose from more than 65 dial themes with amazing AMOLED Display showing you the clarity with accurate pixels and resolutions

2. 11 sports modes – Want to work out and keep track of your progress and health? Don’t worry MI Smart Band 5 has 11 sports modes where you can select from a variety of options for the exercise you choose such as Rowing machine, jump rope, yoga, elliptical, etc.

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3. All-new women’s health tracking – This is something which is very new and most of the women would be happy to have this! As the name suggests, it keeps track of the menstrual cycle and notifies when

4. Magnetic charging – Unlike other smart bands where you have to remove the inner piece from the band in order to charge, MI has came up with a new and easy way for charging where you don’t have to remove and can be charged directly.

5. Health Modes – There are three health modes namely Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) which gives you activity suggestions that may increase your health score. Stress monitoring is the second mode, as the name suggests, it monitors your stress and gives you suggestions on how you can ease and recover from stress. The third is a breathing exercise which will provide you instructions for a guided breathing exercise for 1-5 minutes.

Is the MI Smart Band 5 worth Buying?

If you are already using a band of a different brand that does not have these top 5 features then you should definitely switch to MI Smart Band 5. But if you have Smart Band 4 then you should probably use it for a while more and avoid switching. The smart band is definitely worth its value and offers a lot of features at a cheap rate.