Latest technology which enables automatically detecting the car crash

Along with a lot of other features, now new features have also been introduced. Google is very much familiar with pixel-exclusive features which also include night sight, unlimited photos and backups of original quality are there. Google has added one more features. The new feature says car crash can be detected which might act as helpful to the people as an alert would be generated and this alert would indicate a car crash it is about to happen or so on.

XDA developers have found out references in the detection of the car crashes in the android Qbeta 3 app which is a safety hub app. A single string says that the function would send anactivity of alert when the device would detect that a car crash is going to take place. XDAhas also found out a string in the app which is exclusive to Å≈the pixels so hundreds and thousands of people use the third-party Smartphones so they might miss out the wholeÅ≈whether somebody is in the car or not. The accelerator would detect a stop which is sudden violent and a microphone is also there which would help people hear the sound of the crash. These features would usually get tied together with machine learning technology ofGoogle. Intel has already introduced certain features for determining the car crash through the help of neural networks. Google would also need in working hard or ensuring the false positives which should be kept to the minimum. The outlet helps in speculating that the car crash detection mode would be alerting the services which are called emergency services or the contacts which are designated. Annually 1.5 million people are being killed by death in road crashes according to the WHO, world health organization. Prompt or useful measures can make a big difference. This measure is a good measure when it comes to saving lives. An advanced measure for the good of humanity is a boon in the technological world.