What are the Key Purchases for Someone Looking to get into eSports?

The world of eSports is growing at such a rate that youngsters are now viewing competitive gaming as a viable career path. In 2017 the global eSports market was worth $655 million, but that figure is expected to rise to over $1.6 billion by 2021. Two years ago there were more than 200 million eSports players playing the biggest titles, and that number is likely to massively increase as the industry grows. Getting into eSports now could be a wise choice for skilled gamers, but it isn’t all about being able to play titles like League of Legends at a high level. In fact, having the right hardware is almost as important as being skilled at the games.


Just as top athletes have the most streamlined attire equipped with state of the art fitness tracking technology, pro gamers need to arm themselves with the best kit around in order to prevail over their rivals. It’s a sign of the times that bookies like moplay.com are now offering odds on eSports markets for games like League of Legends and Dota 2, along with the likes of athletics and football. It shows how serious the industry is becoming as more people are starting to take note. Simply using the right gaming mouse can make the difference between winning and losing in the cutthroat world of eSports, so getting set up in the right way before starting is absolutely crucial.


No matter which eSport you decide to play, you’re more than likely going to require a headset to communicate with other players and listen to audio. Professional eSports players tend to go for the same products, and one of the most favored items on the market now is the Hyper X Cloud Alpha. Alpha headsets have been favoured in the industry for years, and this is the latest model in a highly successful series. It is comfortable, lightweight, and barely noticeable at times.


A mouse to a gamer is like a club to a golfer or a tennis racket to a Grand Slam champion. It is probably the most important tool for a budding eSports pro to have, so getting the most elite product on the market is pivotal. The SteelSeries Rival 600 has topped the charts in 2018, and is certainly hard to beat. The device has lift-off distance detection, customizable weight, and 60-million click mechanical switches.

Gaming Chair

Pro gamers clock a high number of hours on their games, and for this reason, it is important to be sitting in a comfortable chair while playing. Anything other than the best could result in discomfort or even worse, back problems. Thus, there is a booming market for gaming chairs which support the player’s weight perfectly and allow them to game at their optimum level. The Secretlab Omega is generally considered to be the best offering around right now. It is lauded for its sturdiness and multi-functionality.


These three things should get you started, but needless to say, you will also need a high powered computer on which to play the games. Starting out with the right equipment can set you apart from the casual players and put you on the right path to joining the pros.

Image Source: HyperX via Facebook