I/O 2015 Around the Corner, Things to be expected

It’s not even been a year since the launch of the most recent smartphone launched by Google and Motorola, Nexus 6 and I/O 2015 is on its way. I/O is an event organized by Google to launch new products, earlier in the I/O 2014, Google gave the teaser of Android L, and however they managed to keep the name disguised till the October when they all of a sudden launched Nexus 6 and Android Lollipop. As Nexus 6 have not yet been as popular as Nexus 5 was, we really don’t expect Google to launch new Smartphone in this I/O. The I/O 2015 has many speculations but we are here with our most relevant rumors about the I/O 2015.


What Should I/O 2015 Reveal?

Android M:

There are over hundreds of Article about Android M on the internet which is why, the teaser of Android M is expected the most. As in I/O 2014 where Google announced “Android L” which later got the official name of Android Lollipop, we expect the release of “Android M” which will help developer understand the capability of it and when it is officially announced people can get number of application with Android M capability. Most interesting feature of Android M is the Finger print scanner and the Multi window.

Android Pay:

Android Pay is Google’s move to compete Apple Pay. Android Pay has no rumors but we expect it to be announced in this I/O, it may also be called Google Pay. This mobile payment system that apparently isn’t just a repeat of Google Wallet has all but been confirmed, but we’re still waiting on the full details.

A New Wearable:

In the I/O 2014, after the keynote, Google gave a Cardboard to all the audience. Google Cardboard was the Low Budget VR gadget. Google cardboard gave a new view to VR gadgets, many copies of cardboard started selling all over the web within 20 minutes after the launch.

This year we expect some new Wearable to be announced, After Google Glass and Google Cardboard what do you think they’ll launch this year?

Android Auto:

Android Auto may be the point of focus this year in I/O 2015, as we all know Google is trying to fit its OS in your Auto as well. Most of the common predictions are controlling the apps via Voice or having a CAR mode which will get you a bigger screen just like HTC has in some of their Smartphone.

Smart Lock:

Smart Lock feature was rolled out to Nexus users along with the Android 5.0.1 update. This feature allows you to use your smartphone without unlocking it for every time you want to use it. Some features of Smart Lock on Nexus 5 Android Version 5.1 are Trusted devices which help you to connect to a device via Bluetooth or NFC. Trusted places which is my personal favorite, this features allows you to set your home place and once you set it, your phone will never get locked within that area. Then comes Trusted face and voice which are very helpful for quickly unlocking your smartphone.

Photo Service:

As we all know Google currently has no application for gallery apart from Photo’s which is already inbuilt. But in this I/O Google might be releasing Standalone photo application which will have features of Auto backup and the features of story and Auto- awesome will be replaced by “Assistant”. As of now there are no other leaks about this application. We will cover it soon as we get some more details.


Android TV:

Last year in I/O 2014, Google had come up with the demo of Android TV which showed people some really cool features of Android TV. This year we expect to get some more voice commands, also as Sony and Sharp already jointed Google for making Android TV, we can hope that other TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, etc. get started with Android TV.

What are your thoughts on I/O 2015 of this year. Comment below what you expect from I/O 2015.