#IO15 : Internet of Things Developments

The Internet of Things – which presents a method of devices all around us to be connected to the internet and create an immersive environment – has been a concept that has been under development for quite some time.


In Google I/O 2015, some new developments have been made in this regard, and it holds immense promise in the field of IoT!


Brillo is a unified operating system for all devices that are connected to the Internet of Things. It presents a simple solution to developing devices and software for the IoTs, and is therefore going to be a breakthrough solution in this arena in the coming months.


Now while the Internet of Things involves intercommunication between devices, they also need to be connected to the cloud services and at the same time provide updates to the smartphone. So how does it do that?

Enter Weave.

Weave is a platform which basically interconnects your smartphone, the cloud and a Brillo device to provide a seamless experience over a multitude of devices.


Brillo\’s Developer Stack will be launched in Q3 2015, and Weave will be launched in Q4 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates!