Instagram: Incorporating a Search Engine to find Content with Keywords

Searching on Instagram will be better than ever with this new upgrade. The company announced today that English speaking users from six countries that include the UK, US, Ireland, and Canada will be getting an update to search the platform using keywords. Before users were only able to search the platform for hashtags or accounts. So if you wanted to search for something such as “motivational quotes” you could only be able to search it through hashtag as “#motivationalquotes” and the posts that are tagged with this hashtags would appear in the search results.


Now the users will be able to search with the keyword itself even if the specific tag is missing meaning the search result will feature motivational quotes. However, it is still unclear how Instagram will determine what a post is about. The feature does not produce specific results for some of the search terms

Company personnel said that the team considered a number of factors that includes the type of content, captions, when it was posted and many more to show relevant content to the users. It is reported that it also uses machine learning algorithms to provide the highest quality of content that’s relevant to you in a grid format as of now.

This is one of the biggest changes that will be seen on Instagram. However, this feature is limited to very few people in giving the ability to search for the posts that they really want. Only certain topics are available to search as of now. “The search is limited to general interest topics and keywords that are within Instagram’s community guidelines,” the company official says.


Just last week a new featured was introduced on Instagram that is Vanish mode. Just like the WhatsApp was on a streak for new features, it seems like Instagram is ready for it too as we are looking at new features popping on Instagram regularly.