Instagram Gets AR Camera Effects, Video Chat, Redesigned Explore Tab, and More

On the first day of F8 Developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a bunch of new features which will soon arrive on Instagram. The new Instagram feature includes Custom AR camera effects, support for video chat, comment filtering tool and well redesigned Explore section.


Additionally, Instagram has received Spotify and GoPro integration to enhance the overall user experience. With this integration, a user can use a third-party app within their Instagram Stories. Some of the changes for Instagram is already live, while the remaining feature is still under testing and it will be rolled out soon.

New Features of Instagram:

1. AR Camera & Filters:

AR camera effect was first debuted on Facebook and now this feature will soon arrive on Instagram which is popular photo-sharing app. With AR camera, the app will offer you various face filters and effects to the users. Also, users can create their own custom face filters, stickers and more using AR Studio.

Instagram said in the official press release, “If you see a new effect in Stories from an account you follow and want to try it yourself, just tap ‘Try it on’ and the tool will be added to your tray.”

Moreover, the custom AR filters which is created by a famous celebrity or influencer account will only visible to their followers. That means Instagram will now allow users to try out new filters directly from celebrity or influencer account. If a user wants to try that filters, then they need to tap on “try it on” button and later they can use it.

2. Video Chat:

Instagram will soon release a video chat feature which will allow users to start a one-on-one chat with your friends. With video chat feature, up to four users can make a video call at the same time and also has no limitation on the length of the video calls. However, a user can minimize the ongoing video call and continue their conversation or browse within the app. For making a video call, you have to tap on the new camera icon which will available at the top right corner of the chat section. Currently, video chat feature is under testing.

3. Redesigned Explore Feed:

Instagram app getting a redesigned Explore section to their users. It will make easier for users to search content and browse the topics of their interests. The new Explore feed will feature a scrollable button and horizontal row on the top of the page. Users get an option to swipe through their interset which includes animal, photography, etc. Also, users will get a more convenient result in their explore section which is based on photography, architecture, decor, etc. The new Explore feed is also in testing and will be rolling out in next couple of weeks.

4. Integrations In Stories:

Instagram has announced the integration with GoPro and Spotify app. Now Instagram will allow users to share their activity to their Stories. Both the apps will come with Share button which will directly share the screen content to Instagram stories. Also, you can edit the stories and later share it with your friends and followers. In GoPro app, users can share photo or video to their Stories. Whereas with Spotify app, users can share the stickers of particular songs to the stories.

5. Anti-bullying:

Instagram has also announced the Anti-bullying feature which will hide all the comment that are posted with a goal of harassing or bullying other peoples. The Anti-bullying feature is live for all users. Also, you can deactivate this feature just by moving towards the “Command Controls” section which is available in setting menu of the app.


Instagram said in press release, “This new filter hides comments containing attacks on a person’s appearance or character, as well as threats to a person’s well-being or health.”

Do try this new feature of Instagram and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.