Instagram Adds Tool for Users to Flag False Information

Instagram is going to add an option for the users which will give the ability to report posts which are false. Currently, Instagram is owned by Facebook and the company announced on Thursday that, this popular image sharing website will stop spreading of Misinformation.


Although posting false information will not get you banned in any of the Facebook social media platforms. But Instagram is taking steps in order to limit the posting of false information, which will decrease the chance of disputed claims. 

Facebook has already started using the image detection features on Instagram from May 2019. They have integrated it was third party fact-checking program into the Instagram application.

The post which is marked as false is removed from the application, this will help all the users to have a safe environment in the application. Facebook is waiting with 54 fact-checking partners, this service is workable on 42 different languages. 

Although this program is currently available for the United States Instagram users. Is step taken due to the definition of alleged Russian attempt for spreading of Miss information? It happened around the year 2016 when the United States presidential election was going on.


So, it is currently the major priority of the parent company to decrease the chance of spreading hoaxes, and limit the false information.