India Ranks 1 in Truecaller Spam Report For Spam Volume

Most Popular Caller ID App Truecaller has come up with insights for 2018 and this year they are getting into more details for the serious problem known as Spam Calls. But the harsh truth is that India Ranks on the first spot for receiving a higher number of spam calls in the world.


In the year 2018, truecaller have helped users to block and identify
17.7 billion spam calls.  Out of which majority is from India, which makes it first in the list of receiving most spam calls in volume. You can also permanently delete truecaller account if you don’t like the application.

In another way, India Ranks second when we look for average spam calls per user per month.  Brazil comes first when we look in this way with 37.5 spam calls per user per month. India ranks second with 22.3 spam calls per user per month. India has seen a drop of 1.5% when compared with last year data.

Top Spammers in India

When we look for the top spammers in India, the operator rules.  91% of spam calls are done my operators. Then, 7% are scams and 2% are telemarketers. Also scams calls have more than doubles since last year when it was only 3%.


The Truecaller Spam report also gives hints that there’s been a big increase  of spam calls in European markets like Spain (100%), Greece (54.1%) and Italy (22.7%.) However, Turkey has seen a decrease of spam calls (18%.)