Images of the Redmi K20 Pro Leaked Before Launch

The Redmi K20 has been creating a lot of buzz since the time it has been announced. Everybody, from the tech reviewers to the common public is excitedly waiting for the phone. Even the slightest of the information about the phone leads to the creation of a series of speculations.


The phone itself, also being termed as the Flagship Killer 2.0, is scheduled to launch on May 28th in The Republic of China. However, no set launch date has been announced for India yet. Nevertheless, Xiaomi is already dropping subtle teasers here and there. The phone shall be available in two variants like every other high-end mobile set from Xiaomi. The Redmi K20 Pro version will be equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC. This will set it apart from the Redmi K20 version.

Some of the trivia being released on the Weibo Page states the phone will have a Game Turbo 2.0, an upgrade of the Game Turbo present in the Poco F1. The phone will also have the feature of screen brightness control through DC Voltage. This will prevent the display panel from flickering and provide a smooth visual experience. Gamers are going to be really happy as Redmi K20 will also deliver in terms of vice quality due to the powerful ultra linear speakers.

It will also be empowered with Mi Sound proprietary amplification technology to deliver an amazing audio experience. The looks of the phone are quite svelte with Flame patterns on the back panel. The phone would be launched in a flaming red color. There have been several claims made regarding the price of the phone as well with different rates stated as per the Ram capacity as well as variant type.