Huawei Banned from using all Android and Google Services on its Devices

Trump administration create a list of the companies, which the American firms cannot trade with unless they are having a license for trade. Huawei is one of the companies whose name was added into this list. After this confirmation, Google has banned using Android and Google services in all of the Huawei Android devices. Although the current Huawei smartphones can continue updating the security patches and all the Google services application updates from the Google Play Store.


After the new version of the Android operating system launches this year, Huawei devices will not receive that update. Even more, Huawei upcoming devices will not have any Google application in their Android devices, although they will still be able to use the Android operating system to the open source license. It is reported that Huawei started developing their own operating system as a backup in case Android ban is permanent to their company. Despite the ban of the Huawei devices, Android will continue their services to the existing devices and it will not give the users bad experience of Android.

For Longtime US government was accusing Huawei and other Chinese devices for stealing the data from the users. US government have now officially banned installing and buying all the Chinese and foreign telecommunication devices which were controlled by the manufacturers. Even more, these devices are not allowed to sideload Google service applications as Google restricts CTS- can we find devices from running their service applications.


Huawei is also removed from the member of the Android Beta program, so basically, no future major updates will be available for Huawei Android devices. Although this is not confirmed how this banning decision made affect the Global market of the Huawei Android devices.