How Nokia Is Taking Support of Android to Survive

Nokia back in 2011 decided to replace their Decade-old Symbian line-up of smartphones with Windows Phone 7. This decision was one of the worst decisions according to many in silicon valley even when that decision was made at 2011.


Nokia used to Dominate the cheap , basic and low handset market around the world at its time , after the complete shift to windows operating system many developers of Symbian community felt really betrayed and voiced their anger over Nokia even on its official Nokia blogs saying that the Windows developer community is not strong and the Developer kit lacks many features compared to the Android and iOS platforms.

A couple of times even from the shift to Windows phone platform, it has to ditch some of its loyal Nokia windows phone users stating the reason as Hardware limitations of the Devices which couldn’t run the latest update. Even if every Nokia windows phone being pushed to the latest windows version there is a chance of at least a small number of developers working on the Windows platform, but that didn’t happen yet.

As the limitation of apps and essential developer requested features is vaguely missing it slowly had much less market share which leads to its Failure to have its Dominance and Presence in the Mobile Market.

In 2015, Microsoft decided to primarily unify its PC platform with the Mobile and tablets as PC developers can work and contribute on one platform eventually will lead to a beneficiary to the Nokia phones too. But it’s a very delayed decision and Android’s market share was at its peak and Windows 10 Mobile couldn’t compete with it.

Towards the end of 2014, Nokia very surprisingly announced its Nokia N1 Tablet running the Customized Android with the Nokia Z launcher and an alternate app store in China for Android apps and Rest of the world with the usual Google Play Store by default.

Nokia N1 was very successful selling around 20,000 units in just 4 minutes at China and later it was sold to many countries in Europe and other regions. It had the latest USB Type C Specification of USB 3.1  but the Intel Chipset inside the N1 didn’t allow to Perform at that rapid transfer speeds. Nokia was very successful with the N1 Tablet which brought so much of hope to its Nokia Fans and It was already Trending In India, Many Indians requested and sent Emails to Nokia to bring the N1 Tablet to India. As they didn’t have the Strong presence at that time, Nokia N1 never came to India.

On 2016 May, Microsoft sold the Nokia Phone Division to HMD Global. Nokia made a licensing deal with HMD Global over the use of its Patents and also Foxconn being the Exclusive Device Manufacturer and on 2017 January, Nokia Announced Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 smartphones, Along with the new Nokia 3310 Smartphone running the latest version of its Proprietary OS. Other than the Nokia 3310, All the Nokia Announced devices were Exclusively running the Latest Android Nougat 7.1.2 and having the latest Budget Chipsets from Qualcomm Snapdragon with a very good camera and Quick Charging support.

After many Reviewers got their hands on these Nokia Devices, They tested it vigorously and it passed most of the tests. It had the best Network Coverage because of Nokia’s Network Proprietary algorithm and Its cameras were taking really good shots and Nokia OZO management had their input and work on it. Every Nokia Phone which was announced had the latest version of Android which itself a Unique selling point for the customers and also the design was exceptionally good because of the Nokia’s Quality Craftsmanship.Each of the devices has the latest Gorilla glass, Wide range of Nokia Accessories, Promised Regular updates, Dolby Atmos Speakers and Comes in different colours.


With the help of Android, Nokia can sell some of the most compelling features with it like the Nokia 360 OZO which is the Best Virtual Reality cameras and Nokia can Integrate with the Android and Apps to suit the needs of users.Virtual Reality is the next big thing in Android and Nokia is already having a wide expertise in Virtual Reality systems.Nokia will be making a lot of revenue once Developers integrate their Android apps to work along with the Nokia OZO.