How Mobile Manufacturers will surprise you in 2016

The raving success of mobile techno giants in the bygone year was something to be remembered. So if you’re waiting for your dream phone to arrive this year, chances are your wish might come true. The statement “Better phones are getting cheaper, cheaper phones are getting better” is appropriate to its very core. The trendsetter’s have come up with promising new features and in return received a positive response from the audiences, key to success being innovation and simplifying the design.


What should we wait for?

The question itself is very broad. Some of us are inclined towards specific brands while quite a few would look at the performance of the product instead of the name tag it carries. I’m not implying here that brand doesn’t matter, for sure it does. After all a mobile is not just an accessory now, it’s so much more, something we carry along with ourselves all the time and defines our standards. The brands in focus in 2015 were “back in form”: Motorola, “newly arrived and stormed the markets”: OnePlus, other Chinese manufacturers like Gionee, Xiaomi, and Asus also made a lot of noise. Obviously there was Apple with IPhone 6 and IPhone 6S stealing the show at the end of It all. But, we all have to admit that there was a lot on the plate for Android lovers like I am.

Which all brands to look out for?

Many brands have their renowned flagships and will be featuring his year with grand launches out of which these are a few noticeable ones:

  • Xiaomi MI 5

Xiaomi has always set new standards and has a huge following in our country. It won’t disappoint when it comes to our dearly awaited MI 5.It might come around at the end of first quarter and will be a power packed one.

  • Lenovo Note K4

Note K3 from Lenovo was a big success for the company and hence company has already launched its successor today only .K4 comes with pumped up specs and was awaited by a lot of people who need a budget friendly high performance device. It is priced at Rs.11, 999 and would cost 12,499 along with ANT VR Headset. It sports a 5.5Inch Full HD Screen with 3 GB RAM and a 64 bit octa-core MediaTek MT 6753 CPU inside. It will take user experience to another level with its TheaterMax, Dolby Atmos Wolfson WM8281 audio codec. It has 16 GB ROM and expandable upto 128GB,a 3300 mAh and a fingerprint scanner is a real bonus.


  • OnePlus

We might not have a name to it, but “The Flagship Killer” will surely come up with a blockbuster phone. It has shown tremendous level of innovation and is an all-time favorite for a large mass of people across the country.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7

Among the High-end phones, S7 would raise eyebrows. Being the largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung won’t be behind this race and must be on the watch list.

Do follow this space for what will be the top features and specs in these next-gen phones in the next write-up. Till then, Ciao!!