Hotstar Android TV App Launched, Available in India, US, and Canada

Hotstar is a live streaming app that lets you watch your favorite shows, movies, sports & live news on the mobile. Hotstar has finally released an app for Android TV by adding it in Fire TV Stick apps. That means you don’t have to use Chromecast to get Hotstar experience on Big screen. It is available via Google PlayStore in India, US, and Canada.


The Hotstar app for Android TV has a very similar look to the Android TV OS interface, with rows of rectangular tiles separated by content headers. You’ve got the same sections as those on the website: TV, Premium, Movies, Sports, News, Channels, Languages, and Genres.

The Layout of Hotstar Android TV app is very simple to understand most of the times. Only the individual TV show section can be a bit confusing. After picking one of the section it will show all the episodes in separate rows.

You can select subtitle and quality from Hotstar setting which is going all the way to 1080p. Similar to other apps, Hotstar on Android TV gives you an estimate of how many gigabytes an hour will consume for playing something on your TV.

The search function on Hotstar is basic, just like with Netflix on Android TV. You have to select individual letters to look for what you are interested in, and there is no way to search by voice. Hotstar is quite annoying which doesn’t remember the history of your last watching. That information is stored locally, you can’t easily pick up watching what you are left off on another device.

Hotstar for Android TV doesn’t support the latter’s recommendation rows feature, so you won’t see titles show up on your Android TV home screen. The existence of an Hotstar app is a great relief for regular viewers, with being the last major streaming service to do so in India.