Hike Messenger Adds Social Features Like Bill Split, Voting to Groups and More

Hike Messenger on Thursday announced the new features for groups, which is built within the chat interface itself. Hike’s new feature will help young users from college and school which usually chat in groups. Users can add up to 1000 members in a group. Hike’s new feature includes the ability to vote, split bills, create checklists, schedule events with reminders, and even play ‘teen patti’. With this new feature, users can easily do multiple tasks within the chat.


Vishwanath Ramarao, CTO, Hike Messenger, said in a statement, “Our new features will make sharing much easier within the group and raise the fun and productivity quotient. We believe that this could be a key driver for groups to come together.”

The users of Hike Messenger can do multiple tasks on group chats without the need for multiple apps. For example, they can split a bill for a group without a use of any calculator app. Also, play Teen Patti in spare time within the group chat. Users can create a poll and take votes as well.

Hike Messenger Group chat features:


Hike users can easily create a poll within the group chat. This is the best feature for school and college users to decide anything with the whole group’s consent. With the Vote microapp, it makes easier to express opinions and preferences with just a simple tap.

Checklists, Events with Reminders:

You can create a Checklist to make sure nothing is missed out. A group can organize an event and also you can set the remainder for that events. You will get an inbuilt calendar exclusive to your group chat which will remind you to get ready.

Bill Split:

The feature Bill split allows the group members to share their bills with friends. If someone from the group book movie tickets or reserve tables for dinner. Later you can split the bills within the group itself. You can calculate everyone’s share and receive money via Hike Wallet.

Teen Patti:

There is a feature for playing Teen Patti within the Group. Group members can play right from the group chat from anywhere and also with other group members.

Last month Hike partnered with Airtel Payments Bank to power it’s digital payment wallet. According to this, Hike Messenger users will have access to Airtel Payments Bank’s merchant, utility payment services, and KYC infrastructure. The messaging platform has over 100 million registered users. It is growing by over 30 percent month-on-month. In September, Airtel Payments Bank integrated the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) on its digital platform. Do try this feature and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.