#IO15 : HBO Now is coming to Google Play

HBO Now is one of the many things announced at I/O this year. With HBO now you can easily watch all your videos on your Smartphone. Google SVP Sundar Pichai just confirmed that an app is coming to the Google Play Store but didnt not comment on the Date or Day of the Launch.



HBO Now was available only on Apple, now will be available on Android as well. The exclusivity of HBO Now on Apple will no longer be an exclusive thing as its already announced in I/O this year that it\’ll be soon available on Android.


“You can watch your favorite episodes, be it Game of Thrones, the upcoming season of True Detective or maybe even your favorite episode of Silicon Valley — I hope this moment doesn’t make it in there,” Google SVP Sundar Pichai

Once you are subscribed you’ll be able to watch all the Seasons and Latest movies going on.  If you miss out any of the Season episode you can easily check it out again on your Smartphone device.




Stay tuned for more Updates about IO15!