Google’s AR stickers now available on Pixel phones

Google has finally released the augmented reality (AR) stickers for Pixel and Pixel 2 device. The company has announced this feature, two months ago at the Pixel 2 launch event. These stickers use the ARCore augmented reality platform, which was announced by Google a few months ago.


Google Pixel users have to go to the My Apps section and find them under updates. Once it gets installed it will appear in the main camera app. Later for use, you just have swipe from the left side. These stickers are animated 3D creatures which appear in the photos and videos. Using Google’s camera app, the new AR stickers appear like they are really in the scenes. The best thing about these is that when you place more than one sticker at a time, they accept each other’s presence and interact with them.

What are these AR stickers?

AR stickers are interactive and animated stickers that can use with your default camera app which appears in your photos or videos. After updating the AR Core and AR Stickers apps on your phone, you will find a new mode in your camera app called as AR Stickers. By touching on this mode, you can be able to drag and drop the stickers in your frame. The app will provide all the necessary information on how to use them.

Google provides a number of AR stickers to choose from and also include characters from Star Wars and Stranger Things. The company said it will release more sticker packs in the future. There is no word right now whether the AR stickers will available to other Android smartphones.

Steps to use AR stickers:

  • To add stickers, simply drag and drop them from the sticker shelf which is present at the top of the screen.
  • For moving stickers, just drag them wherever you want.
  • Deleting single sticker, touch once to select it and then touch trash icon which is present in the upper-right section.
  • To delete all stickers, just touch the empty space to deselect any selected stickers and then touch trash icon, it will delete all of them

Google’s AR stickers are exclusive to the Pixel devices that means it only available for Pixel, the Pixel XL, the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. Also, the stickers require Android 8.1 Oreo which means it will not work on Pixel phones with Android 8.0 Oreo and less. You don’t get access to autofocus and tap-to-focus capabilities on the Pixel phones while using stickers. Google notes that “the AR Stickers camera view is focused at a fixed 10m distance. To use these stickers, you need to update both ARCore

 and AR Stickers apps on your phone which is available on Google Play Store. Feel free to comment down below.