Google to Bring System-wide Dark Theme to Android Q

Google announced some major features for its upcoming version Android 10 Q at Google I\O. Among all the features, the Dark Theme feature received the best applause among all. The users have been requesting for the dark mode from years. Finally, the Dark Theme will be introduced in Android Q and their wish is fulfilled.


The process for activating Dark Theme is very easy and straightforward. You have to pull down the Quick Settings menu, tap the Dark Theme button and the theme will change from white to black. On tapping again, the theme will get changed to the white theme again. This theme will help in battery life. The Dark Theme will be automatically applied on tapping the battery saver option.

Google has planned to release the Dark Theme to all the first party Android apps. However, if the apps won’t support the new Dark Theme then it will be of no use. So, Google is creating an API for the third party developers, to let developers know when Dark Theme is on. To create a quick and dirty theme an option for adding a single line of code to their apps is given.

Apart from the Dark Theme, there are several interesting features which have been added to the Android Q. There is gestural navigation and the back button feature in it. In the new version, few security updates expected. The new version will allow you to get a real-time transcription of any video or audio in any app. There is also a feature for parental control which will allow hiding some apps and information from the children.


This new Android Q Dark Theme is really a cool one. The release date is not out yet for the Android Q. However, beta versions are available for testing.