Is Google in talks to buy HTC?

For last one Month, there were so many rumors that Google is actually interested in buying The Taiwan based HTC. We all know that Augmented and Virtual reality space is being dominated by  HTC for years and also some of their coolest Smartphones like HTC U1 1 also called as squeeze phone is a great innovation in the field of Android Smartphones.


For the last couple of weeks, even the Taiwanese News agencies were confirming the reports of the negotiations between Google and HTC.

We all know the famous Leaker Evan Blass who releases most of the topmost Smartphones and Technology related Leaks and Most of them were accurate, Yesterday He on his twitter account tweeted  that Someone has sent him a copy of an internal invitation to an HTC employee Town Hall meeting Tomorrow (9/21) which is about the Google acquisition.

This clearly indicates that Google and HTC are in the talks about the Acquisition.It leads us into confusion why does HTC want to Quit even after having a successful Augmented and Virtual Reality system.  Then the following tweet helped us to stay clear about what is happening.

It clearly helps us to understand that Google is specifically going to acquire only specific Hardware Patents while HTC having its Brand.

Meanwhile, Tim Culpan of Bloomberg Gadfly said in a tweet that all of its shares will halt trading tomorrow for a major announcement.

This all leads us into only one thing! which is the Google Pixel 2 which Google will be Officially unveiling next month. As you know the original Google pixel was designed along with the partnership of HTC being on the Board.This deal will help Google to have a Dominant Play in the area of Smartphone in the following years, which Google can also Use some of the Augmented and VR related HTC patents on their Google Pixel Lineup of Smartphones.


We all just have to wait and see what is going to happen next.