Google Rolls Out Google Lens For All Android Users

As we know Google Lens is one of the best features which was announced in last year at Google I/O event. Google Lens has an ability to scan images and search for content about them. However, this service was exclusive only for Google’s Pixel devices. But now Google Lens is finally making its way to all Android devices.


According to Google Photos Twitter account, Google Lens will be available for all Android devices through Photos app. With Google Lens, users can create a contact from any business card and also get information about a famous landmark.

For using this feature, you simply have to download or update your Google Photos app on your Android devices. Then open the app with an image on its screen and tap on the Google Lens icon. Now Google will start scanning the image and later show a details information of that image.

As this Lens feature is slowly rolling out for all Android devices. However, it is definitely the best feature which uses Google’s advanced searching capabilities. Most of the people will love this feature, as it will provide you an accurate information about any images.

With this Google lens, you can easily scan the famous landmark and objects and gets a correct result for that image. Also, Lens in Assistant will start rolling out with some compatible flagship devices in coming weeks.


You can directly download Photo app from Google Play Store, for using this Google Lens feature. Do try this Google Lens feature and share your experience in our comment section below.