Google Removes 85 Apps from Play Store Over Adware

Google Removes 85 Apps from Play Store Over Adware

Google has immediately removed 85 apps from its Play Store after the report submitted by the security researcher at trend micro. They are found annoying adware hiding inside those applications. They have detected that AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH, this displays an advertisement which is pretty hard to close. It is also having a unique technique which can avoid detection by checking on user behaviour and time-based triggers. 

Most of the application was removed from the Play Store where either photography or gaming applications. These applications disguised adware which was available for download on Google Play Store. Most of the applications were even downloaded more than 8 million times. This could be a real threat for Android smartphone devices, so it well being removed from Google Play Store. 

Few of those removed application to name were pop camera, super selfie, cos camera, and one stroke line puzzle. These were few of the most popular applications which are listed in the 85 application which was discovered by trend micro. Each of those applications was infected with adware, and those were uploaded into the play store from different developer accounts which word using different digital Certificate. Although each of them was having similar shared code and behaviour, which was being easy to find out in the Google Play Store.