Google releases Android Go for Low-Cost Smartphones

Google introduced a new Android Go platform for low-end smartphones. Android Go is an optimized version of Google’s popular operating system designed for smartphones with RAM between 512MB and 1GB.  At the event in New Delhi, the company unveiled the Android Go (Oreo Edition) and it will be available as a part of the Android 8.1 Oreo. The first device runs on Android Go (Oreo Edition) will be arriving in early 2018.


“To make sure billions more people can get access to computing, it’s important that entry-level devices are fully functioning smartphones that can browse the web and use apps. At Google I/O this year, we gave an early look at a project we called “Android Go” to make this possible. We’re excited to announce that this software experience—Android Oreo (Go edition)—is ready,” said Sagar Kamdar, Director of Product Management, Android, in a statement.

The Operating System include system UI and kernel optimization which results in leading to a 15 % faster apps to start. Google also announced a set of Google apps: Google Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Google Assistant Go, Files Go, Gboard, Chrome, and Play.

It will get all the optimizations that come with Android Oreo (Go edition), including a better performing OS with built-in data management and security features. It is designed to be lighter and more relevant to the unique needs of the next billion users.

Features of Android Oreo (Go Edition):

  • It optimized the operating system with a fast launch time of the app, data management features and security benefits.
  • Keeping in mind the limitation of low-end smartphone, Google will pre-launched lite version of Google apps such as Google Go, Files Go, YouTube Go, Maps Go and Assistant Go.
  • Android Go devices come with a new and better version of Play Store. It will provide access to all the android apps available in store but also, highlight the apps that provide better experience on an entry-level phone.
  • By default, the Google’s data saver feature turns ON. Android Go is based on Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • It reduced overall memory space required for the operating system and pre-installed apps.

Google Go:

Google launched a new app called Google Go in the Play Store. It is a lightweight app, which provides key search features to the Android users on slower data networks. The application will come in a pre-installed way with Android Oreo (Go Edition). Other users can install it directly from Google Play Store. It is Lite version of Google search but with more functionality. You can get answers quickly and easily with Google Go, even with a slow network or with the smartphone having low space. Its size is almost 5MB in Play Store.

Youtube Go:

Youtube Go is a video-centric application which is just similar to Youtube. This app works even if you have no internet access or very low data speed. Youtube Go is mainly introduced for developing countries, and for people who have limited access towards the internet. This app is a smaller version of Youtube that allows you to watch a video, share or download them even with slow or no internet connection.

With this app, you can download videos from Youtube and save it on your phone or SD card. Even you can share offline Youtube videos with your friends via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct. All this process can happen even if you have a slow internet connection. Also getting an option to preview videos before download or watch. You can choose how many MBs you want to use on videos. The size of app is 9.4MB in Play Store.

Files Go:

File Go has been designed for entry-level smartphone, which has limited storage but also works great on high-end devices as well.  It helps users to use their storage efficiently. The app packs with ShareIt or Mi Drop like file transfer function which helps users to share their data. Also, recommands you to remove app which you no longer use. Search your important document in a simple way. It backup your files to Google Drive. Also, helps you to remove the spam and duplicate images and easily clean cache to clear up space on Android smartphone. The size of the app in play store is 10MB.