Google Play Store feature suggests to uninstall unused apps from Android phones

A new feature on the Google Play Store suggests a list of unused apps that users may want to uninstall from their Android devices to get some more free space.


Downloading and installing apps on Android smartphones through the Google Play Store is very easy. So it is quite understandable that people accumulate apps that they do not use regularly.

Thankfully, Google has introduced a new feature that was first spotted by Netherlands-based Android World. It will help people manage these unused apps. A Google Play Store alert will appear in the notification tray to let people know that they can “remove unused apps for extra storage”. Tapping on the alert will bring up a list of apps that have not been opened in the recent past.

Each app on the list has a description as well as information on when it was last launched. From there, the apps that the users want to uninstall may be selected. After uninstalling the apps, the Google Play Store gives a summary of the space that was freed up in the process.

The feature will help to remove the clutter on Android devices when it comes to apps. But it is still not clear if it has started rolling out worldwide. It is also not known how long an app must go unused before it starts to appear in the list of suggestions.

This new feature goes hand in hand with the Google I/O 2019 announcement by the internet giant’s product lead Kobi Glick that there will be a new app and game review calibration for the Google Play Store by August this year. App reviews will be designed to highlight the more recent and relevant ones, with the Google Play Store ratings to be recalculated to give more weight to the most recent ratings.