Google Play Protect Safeguards Over 1 Million Apps

How many times have you installed a malicious app and then regretted later? The security app in your device also says that “Hey, the app you just installed, yea its virus”, but you still don’t care and then you wish you could turn back time.


At the latest Google I/O 2017, they announced that Android had surpassed over 2 Billion active users. Now, if there are  2 Billion Monthly users think of the number of apps on the store and think of the safety of the people. And hence, the search giant introduced Google Play Protect, for security concerns of the users. Google Play Protect is here to safeguard Android users like us and also to fight against malicious apps which are found a lot nowadays.

Google Play Protect isn’t actually a new service, it was already built in your device and was running in the background without you knowing. Many of the users, weren’t aware that it was scanning for malicious apps and viruses.

Google Play Protect is just like those security apps which open up a dialogue box which states that the app is now safe to use. Same thing with Play Protect but the difference is that it does in the background without the user being notified. Play Protect is capable of scanning more than 50 Billion apps per day.

Google has stated that it will begin to place a Play Protect Logo on the apps which are certified by Google itself.

Also, Google said that Devices which are certified will sport a Play Protect Logo on its box.

Before, Google had said that it would be making some minor changes to the Play Store search algorithms so that apps which are safe will rank higher compared to which aren’t.

Google is known for keeping its promises and also it gets innovative each time. Earlier, Google also introduced a new tool into its Google Maps application. This new tool was called as ‘SOS Alert


Google said this in their blog, We Know you want to be confident that your device is safe and secure which is why we are doubling down in our commitment to security. 

The search-giant had rolled out this feature in July, it was available to those who had Google Mobile Services 11 or higher.

If you want to check if you have Google Play Protect, follow the steps

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to Google
  • Now hit on Security
  • Now activate Google Play Protect

If you don’t see that option do not hit the panic button because the proper and stable update will be out very soon and we will make sure that you are aware of that by updating here.

So there you go, now you can enjoy installing apps without any worries because Google’s got your back.