Google PixelBook : The Powerful Laptop Replacement with Google Playstore

Does Your Grandma only use the computer for Browsing Facebook, Video Calls through Google Hangouts and Browsing products from Amazon and Flipkart.Then look nowhere else if you want a Really powerful Google Chrome Browser with which you use to Watch Funny youtube videos, Google Docs, Google Slides and all Google Apps, Then this is the right device for you. Honestly, When was the last time even you were doing some serious programming with it? Half of us call ourselves Geek and we can’t even Edit Simple Microsoft Excel sheets. But no Problem, This powerful Google chrome machine has a replacement for all of it.


Google Pixelbook is a really powerful Chrome Book which will work as a laptop, Tablet and a Smartphone.It will also ship with your Favorite Google Play Store and This is the first Chromebook which also ships with Powerful Google Voice Assistant.PixelBook is just 1.1 kg which makes it portable and easy to carry it anywhere.The screen of PixelBook is also a High-Resolution 12.3-inch display which is visible on a normal sunlight also. The keyboard is very thin and Has a Backlight.

Talking about its Performance, It also comes with a Core i5 and Core i7 finally to keep up with other Competitions like windows laptops, but not anywhere gonna be close to a Mac.With over 16GB of RAM to store in the background and has up to 512 GB of SSD.

Google PixelBook also comes up with a Pen which is a very smart and responsive stylus with very good Handwriting Recognition, Like you write it on paper. with over 2000 levels of Pressure density on the screen. It is always fast which Google claims to be.

Google Pixelbook is a new device which will directly Compete with Apple iPads and Microsoft Surface books.Running Android on this Tablet would be a Bad Option because Google’s Chrome OS already supports Android Apps which was a part of a Software update to many Chromebooks. This is a Successor to the Chromebook Pixel.The stylus is similar to Apple Pencil which is being made by Wacom.It uses USB Type C for charging the whole Pixel Book.


Pixelbook will be available in three different configurations starting at $999 only. While The Pixelbook Pen is for $99.