Google Pixel XL 2 Images Leaked: All We Know

The Google Pixel is probably one of the most anticipated phones of 2017 after Google discontinued the Nexus lineup in order to promote a range of products curated by the company itself. The first iteration of this very device was known as the Google Pixel. Google made two versions, the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL.


Both the phones were identical in every area except for screen size and battery life. This year, Google is rumored to make both the versions quite different from each other in various areas. It seems as if they are looking towards marketing the bigger phone more. This very phone is rumored to be the Google Pixel XL 2. Here is all we know about the Google Pixel XL 2 till now.

Made by LG

Google markets the Pixel lineup as its own devices but they do not manufacture the phone themselves. In the past, Google has partnered with LG, Samsung, HTC, Huawei in making the Nexus devices. HTC manufactured the Google Pixel last year with Google still taking responsibility for designing the phone. With the recent HTC smartphone team acquisition, it is surprising that LG has been given the task to work on this year’s Pixel devices. The phone is quite an improvement over the last year’s devices in terms of

The phone is quite an improvement over the last year’s devices in terms of a number of bezels and the design seems quite evolved. If Google will employ a different company every now and then for their devices, it may lead to inconsistencies in design which might be refreshing for some and unpleasant for the rest. The back still has the two-tone design with the mixture of metal and glass which looks quite good but many people don’t like it. I hope Google does a good job this year in making the design appeal to all and that LG implements this in the right way.

Squeezable Phone

The “squeeze” feature was seen on the HTC U11 where the user could perform various functions set by the user. The Google Pixel XL 2 is likely to have the same feature but it kind of contradicts with the strong leaks pointing towards the device being made by LG. This feature will probably be useful in triggering Google Assistant. I hope that Google implements this feature properly and markets it in the right way after seeing HTC failed attempts at succeeding in making a phone that would sell better.


While I may have talked a lot about design in the beginning of the article. There are still a few unique things in design which I noticed once I got to know about a revised render of the phone in the white color. Google this year has revised the color combinations and the color used in their phones used this year and the button on the right of the phone seems to be orange. While that may just be an error in the render, if that does turn out to be real, then I would be really disappointed as it would give a cartoon-ish look to the phone.

The camera elements seems to have enlarged. In the beginning, some leaks pointed towards the use of dual cameras but this render seems to be from more reliable sources which means that the phone may not have it after all. But Google did mention phones taking blurry photos in a small teaser for both the phones which might indicate toward bokeh producing software features to be present in the phone. Again, judging the past performance of single-lens phones with this feature, the implementation for this by Google

has to be well done.

In conclusion, Google has the chances to make it big if they perform well with their Pixel phones this year. They might be focusing upon the bigger one this time but many companies have been successful in doing so. I was a big fan of the Nexus lineup as well as the Pixel phones last year. Hope Google doesn’t fail to impress!