#IO15 : Google Photos : Home for all Photos and Videos

Google photos is one of the many application which will get updated to whole next level today. Google Photo which earlier was only a photo managing application which not at all helped in managing the photos due to the complications in the applications.


Google photos update will not only help you manage the photos in a better way but also help you create collage, movies with background music, stories and many more. Lets get in to the details about Photo Application Updates.


Features of Google Photos

Smart Search:

Smart search is obviously one of the major useful feature which you want to have on your smartphone. Smart search will allow you to search in terms of photo.

For e.g you have a picture of you and your friend XYZ, just type Xyz and you\’ll have all the images of your friend on your Smartphone.

This also works with all the events like baseball, golf etc.



Google Photos latest update will have the a timeline created with all your photos. you can go directly to year 2013 0r lets be specific 2013 August and you\’ll be there. Mostly this application doesn\’t sound good but believe the transactions will make you love it.


Unlimited Storage at Best Resolution:

Google in IO 2015 announced that, Google Photos can save photos at the best resolution. You can save up to 16 MP of photo and videos at 1080p

Google Photo can now save all your photos without any limitation of storage. This is one great hook by Google to pull the maximum audience to try their Google Photos. Google Photos will be available on Android, iOS and WEB soon.



Stay tuned to us for more updates about Google IO 2015.