Colorize feature in Google Photos still in works, might get beta soon

Back at the Google I/O last year in 2018, Google had announced several features for Google Photos, including the Colorize capabilities. The feature, which will allow you to bring color to black and white images, has been under the radar since then. But the Mountain View company has since issued an update on its progress.


Google Photos product lead David Lieb said on Twitter that Colorize is still in the works. He added that they didn’t want to rush it, adding an example of the feature in action.

Lieb said that they were hoping to launch a beta version of the feature “soon,”. A release window hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Though the colorize features have been around before, Google’s machine learning prowess and the massive Google Photos footprint could indeed make it a very accessible and mainstream feature. Hopefully, we will not have to wait until Google I/O 2020 for a release.

There is no shortage of Google Photos features though. Some of the more exciting features include one-tap editing actions, depth editing, AI-based photo/video classification, and live albums.


With the colorize features, Google Photos will surely become one of the most exciting and feature-filled Photos app.