Google Phone App To Add Call Recording Feature

Google Phone App is a pre-installed app on many devices such as Pixel Phones, Android One smartphone and the Xiaomi phone which are sold in Europe. There are many such phone apps available on the play store as well as distributed by phone manufacturers which has the call recording features by default in it. To upgrade and bring advance features in the phone app, Google is planning to add a call recording feature in it.


Version 43.0.289191107 of the Google Phone app rolled out for Pixel 4 earlier today, and after decoding the resources, Mishaal Rahman d iscovered that Google added a new layout, icon, and other assets pertaining to call recording in the dialer app. New strings also reveal that there will be an in-call button to initiate a new recording.

<string name="incall_label_record">Record</string>
<string name="incall_content_description_record_unchecked">Record</string>
<string name="incall_content_description_record_checked">Recording</string>

If everything goes true, soon the official call recording feature will be live for the Android phones and it will be also added up into the Android API. Even after the code being added in the phone dialer app for Pixel phones, the call recording button has not surfaced on the dialer screen.

We need to wait for the next update to get it confirmed. But by that time, it is becoming very sure that Google is working on to add a call recording feature in its phone app.