Google Pauses Chrome Update for Android After Reports of Data Loss Bug

The updates for the products of Google are generally better ones. But this time the story is different. Some Android users have reported the latest Google Chrome update. Recently, Google had announced the rolling out of Chrome 79 update for desktops and mobiles. However, Google has paused the rollout of the new update after a bug has been reported by many of the users which deletes the app data in certain apps.


The update was rolled out to the users last week but the developers found something wrong and they identified the problem very quickly. The new version of the browser stores data in a different spot for apps that use the Chrome WebView tool, which opens up a version of the browser inside the app, but the upgrade fails to move data from the old storage spot to the new one.

The problem was the apps that use WebView and hold data in localStorage and WebSQL, as data held in those two locations wasn’t migrated to the new destination lead to that data being lost entirely or stored in an unreachable location.

Many of the Chrome users who updated their app to the latest version, reported the app on Google Play Store. The users gave one-star ratings to the app and that forced Google to pause the Chrome update.

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In a post about the issue, Google said, “We are currently discussing the correct strategy for resolving this issue which will be one of a) continue the migration, moving the missed files into their new locations b) revert the change by moving migrated files to their old locations. We will let you know which of these two options have been chosen soon. In the meantime, it would be good to collect a list of affected packages, and details of whether any mitigations have been released to users, and in what versions so that we can test that the respin doesn’t interact badly with the mitigation.” a Google official wrote.