Google Officially Announces New Play Store Material Redesign


All new material redesign of the Google Play Store was rolling out gradually to the Android device users. Now Google has officially announced the new redesign of the Google Play Store on Android developers blog. They have mentioned the official rollout of the new design along with several key highlights. According to the official post by the Google on Developers Blog, they are trying to provide More clean and premium look to the store. 

This will improve the accessibility and discovery of applications for all Android users. The new design off the Google Play Store changes from the old white and green combination into full white scheme. The navigation bar moves to the bottom of the screen with several dedicated sections, and it looks much cleaner compared to the previous design of the Google Play Store. Google claims that the new design of the Google Play Store will improve the browsing speed and the accessibility to all the users. 

It will help the user to find the right content according to their name in the Android platform. Out of few changes which are available in the new material design on Google Play Store, you will get to see bigger install button along with all the important information about the applications.  It will be much easier for the user to make decisions in installing any particular application by getting all the important information about it. 

The new material design of the Google Play Store is now available globally, and probably you are currently using it in your Android device. In case you haven’t received the new redesign of the Google Play Store on your Android device, then it will soon be available for your device. The new design of the Google Play Store also bring the rounded square icons in the Play Store which looks more cleaner compared to previous versions.

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