Google Now Allows To Make Call Without Using Contact Names

Now a days, Google Now is getting very quick updates and it is indeed must for an intelligent personal assistant to get updated regularly. In the recent update of the Google Now, user will be able to refer a person by relationship whenever you want to make a voice call or a text message, which is a really good thing actually. In other words, Google Now Allows To Make Call Without Using Contact Names.


Yesterday, Google have published a post on its Google Plus Page which states that now user will be allowed to make call without using names. In other words, a user will be able to save time keeping in touch with your loved ones. You can skip scrolling through your contacts and just say to your Android phone “Ok Google, call Mom” or “Ok Google, send a text to my wife.”

When you make a voice command \”Call Mom\”, it will check for the contact with a name mom. If found it will make a call to that number or else it will as to assign a contact with the keyword Mom. We have tried various such commands and found that relationship such as mom, dad , wife and boss are working perfectly with the voice command.


It is expected that in the future updates of the Google Now many such relationship will be enabled to function and will ultimately make easy for the user to make a voice call or send a text message. This new feature of Google now which allows to make call, doesn’t require you to update your current version of the app. It has been enabled on the backend by Google. But it has came into the lime light with the new update of Google Now.

The post on Google Plus says that if you don’t have Mom saved as “mom,\” it’ll help you set that up quickly. However it is not a major change by Google, but it is a next strong step by Google to make its search more powerful and user friendly.

To use this amazing feature of Google Now , you need to install Google Search App from Google Play Store from this link.