Google Might Add Scrolling Screenshot Feature in Android R

There are many features of the Android Operating system that very first comes to OEM Skins and later they get accepted by the audience and makes Google think on that feature to add it in the Native Android. There is a great discussion about scrolling screenshots and it might get added in the upcoming Android R.


Earlier, Google has marked scrolling screenshots as an infeasible feature in the ASOP issue tracker. There was also a significant mention about scrolling screenshot in Google I/O 2019 too. But yesterday, a tweet from Dave Burke has stated that they are planning to add scrolling screenshot in upcoming Android R.

Dave Burke has informed the world that scrolling screenshots are in the hopper for Android R. This tweet can’t be considered as an official statement from Google or Android. But we can be positive and hope that the scrolling screenshots feature will be coming to the Android users in native Android R.

Dave has mention Dan Sandler, a software engineer on Android platform, to take ahead the development on the scrolling screenshot and Dan has assigned and reopened the issue at the Google issue tracker. Also, another user stated that “this is the first time I see a request being reconsidered.”

If you are looking to get this feature now in your current Android version than install the LongShot for long screenshot App from Play Store and enjoy. By that time, all that we can do now is hope for the best to get this feature included in the upcoming Android R.