Google Maps now lets you create and share lists of your favorite places

Earlier in 2017, location sharing was enabled for the Users in Google Maps. Google Maps now launched a new feature which allows users to create and share lists of their favorite places. However, only Android and iOS users were able to use this feature of sharing lists. As Google begins a phased rollout of the list creation and sharing feature for desktop-bound Maps users.


Steps To Create and Share a List:

You’ll find the process to create and share lists on the web version of Maps which is also similar to the mobile experience. You just want to find a place of interest on Google Maps, then click on the “Save” icon in the left pane, and add the place to an existing list or start a new one.

Once you’ve added a place of interest to a list of your Google Map, then you will see a confirmation pop up at the bottom of the map, as well as a check mark on the list you’ve added it to.

In Saved tab of Google Maps, you will find your favorite place which you have been saved. From there you can share a link of your places to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. You can set your list to private, shared or public. The new feature is rolling out to Google Maps in next few weeks.

The community of Local Guides on Google Maps was given an access of creating a list on Android and iOS smartphone way back in August 2016 but it gets lacked while sharing it. If you are interested in getting the first look of new Maps feature then become a Local Guide. This community gives access to new member depends upon their Local Guide level which is based on how many reviews you write, ratings you give, photos of places you add to Maps, and more. After using this feature, do comment in our comment section below.