Google Maps gets a new look

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers a number of services which will help you for eg satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, or public transportation. For exploring, Google Maps gets a new look which is redesigned with the aim of Highlighting Important Information. Also, updated there driving, navigation and transit mode.


On Wednesday, Liz Hunt and Product Manager of Google Maps said in a blog post “The world is an ever-evolving place. And as it changes, Google Maps changes with it. As roads close, businesses open, or local events happen in your neighborhood, you’ll see it on Google Maps. When you schedule an event using Google Calendar, get a reservation confirmation in Gmail, or add a restaurant to your “Want to Go” list, Google Maps reflects that too. Now, we’re updating Google Maps with a new look that better reflects your world, right now,”

Google Maps Redesigned With the Aim of Highlighting Important Information

The company added a new color scheme with new icons which will help you to quickly identify exactly what you are looking for.

Places like hospital, church, museum, and cafe are designated with new color and also with a new icon which will help you to find your perfect destination on a map. You’ll see these changes over the next few weeks in all Google products that incorporate Google Maps, including the Assistant, Search, Earth, and Android Auto. The new style will also appears in the apps, websites and experiences offered by companies that use Google Maps APIs as well.

The company announced that user can now virtually visit all planets and moons in there solar system using Google Maps. Google Maps now enables a visit to Saturn’s natural satellites such as Enceladus, Dione or Iapetus, Rhea and Mimas as well as Jupiter’s Europa and Ganymede.


Google has also added to its lineup imagery of Pluto, Venus and several moons as well as made it easier to find them in maps.