Google Lens Standalone App Launched on Play Store

Google has taken very strong steps to go forward with Augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence. The product Google Lens is one example of it. Earlier, Google Lens was coupled with Google Assistant and you need to install it to get the taste of Google Lens. But today, Google has launched a Google Lens standalone app at Google Play Store and it is available for download.


Google Lens is compatible with every smartphone running Marshmellow and above. The size of Google Lens App varies from device to device. The App requires about 20 permission right from the starting such as recording voice, storage, camera, network access and much more.

When you open the Google Lens app, the first screen which is shown is the camera viewfinder which analyze the data points from video/image and tries to suggest the object or text in front of it.  The Google Lens can help to identify text, products, books and media, places, barcodes etc.

Features of Google Lens Standalone App

  • Take actions on text
  • Learn more about the world
  • Identify plants and animals
  • Find a look you like

The Google Lens app is available for free at Google Play Store

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