Google Lens to Integrate with Google Assistant in weeks

Google Assistant is already Available for Both Android and iOS Platforms. It can able to Control and Automate things at home, natural language processing, voice recognition and do Google translation and all of it being very useful and being more Assistive for the Users. This Voice Recognition supported Google Assistant helps you to quickly Translate anything between Chinese to English, Buy Movie tickets, Find a Nearby Restaurant which serves that Specific Chinese Chopsuey and Helps you to Navigate there Via Google Maps.


Google Assistant also came Shipped with many products like the Google Home, Android Wear 2.0 Software Update, On your Phone and The Android Wear Watches. The Assistant Replaces the Google Voice which found on Platforms like the Android TV.

Back At Google I/O 2017, Google Unveiled its Google Lens.  Google even claimed that Google Lens is a new way for the computers to see. Google Lens also will help you to look at the Things around you and Interact with the Elements.

When you are Nearby a Restaurant or a Pub and If you wanted to know more about the Food they serve and Other Information, You can Simply Hold the Google Assistant and Tap The Lens feature to Know about the Information on Price, Timings, Food Options, and Availability.

If you are Looking at a Beautiful Art and Don’t know who the Artist was or You’re Staring at a Music CoverArt Picture in the Road and Interested to know more about it, Now You can Just Make that Identification via the Google Lens. Lens Is Next Level of Search Engine where you find things by pointing your camera Lens towards it. Google Lens is a result of Google’s collaborative Work in the areas of Computer vision and Machine Learning.

Features of Google Lens:

  • Just Pointing the Lens towards a Piece of Text on Banner or Billboard, Helps to Recognize Text and also Get Links based on that
  • Find Statues and Information about Temples with the help of Google Lens and Get deep into their History
  • Whether you are at an Art Exhibition or a Music Concert, Just Point the lens to Dive into Search results and learn more about in Wikipedia
  • Scan Barcodes and QR Codes without any external App, All can be now done by the Google Lens.

Google claims that the Google lens can recognize anything from Text, Landmarks, Barcodes, art, books, and Movies.  Google Lens is said to be rolling out to all Pixel

Phones for Now in the coming weeks. Later the feature would be Expanded to other Android Phones too. Google Lens is already available in Google Photos. The Photos which you have saved there can help you to Recognize and show information about what Objects are in the Picture.