Google Lens Filters: New Filters for Dining and Translation Rolls Out this Week

The Google Lens filters unveiled at Google I/O 2019 began to roll from last Tuesday.  Some new features for Dining and Translate are added to the Google Lens. These features are expected to be available later this week for the Android and iOS users.


The new Google Lens filter will bring a redesign to the camera UI of the app. The bottom of the screen will have a carousel of five modes, with Auto serving as the default mode. The rest four modes will be Shopping, Translate, Dining and Text.


5 Google Lens Filters:

  1. Translate: In this mode, the user needs to point the camera to the text. Then the Google lens will detect the text and it will display the translated text in more than 100 languages.
  2. Text: In this mode, the user needs to capture the text around him in the real world. The Google Lens will convert the writing in the image into text and it will display on your smartphone.
  3. Auto: As mentioned above, this filter is the default mode and it shows the relevant result when you point the camera at something.
  4. Shopping: In this mode, the user needs to point the camera at clothes, furniture, home decor or anything else. Google Lens will scan the image and it will show the relevant results.
  5. Dining: In this mode, the user needs to point the camera on the menu and tap on the name of a particular dish. Google Lens will show reviews about the dish and other photos of the dish.

To take advantage of such beautiful filters you need to install or update Google Lens in your smartphones.