Google Neighbourly App (Beta) Launched to Get Local Questions Answered

Google knows that more Indians are getting connected to the internet day by day. As people give lots of opinion on the internet, so to keep this opinion as an important information, Google has introduced a new Neighbourly app for Indian users. At the event held in Mumbai, Google has launched a new Neighbourly app which helps people to get local information from their neighbours.


With an increased focus on India, Google is releasing several initiatives for Indian users which includes Tez mobile payments app, Google Station, and Youtube Go. Now Google is adding local information sharing app know as Neighbourly which is specially built for Indian users. Right Now the Neighbourly app is only available for Android users in Mumbai.

“People nearby often have the exact information you need. But they are too busy these days to stop and chat on the street or in the park. And group chats keep getting bigger and noisier – and often fill up with those ‘Good Morning’ messages,” says in the blog by Caesar Sengupta, VP, Next Billion Users Team. 

The new Neighbourly app makes it easier for a user to ask a local question from the same area and find a relevant answer. According to the Google, it becomes more difficult to get the correct answer to a local question, as cities keep on changing including the people who live there.

With a Neighbourly app, you can easily find an answer to your queries which includes nearby grocery stores, tuition centers, play zones, summer camps for kids. However, similar to Local Guides feature on Google Maps, users can swipe left or right on the question which they want to answer. Also, the app offers a reward to the most helpful neighbours with badges and exclusive community events.

The app allows you to ask a question in eight other Indian languages. By default, the app works in the English language. Moreover, using Google’s voice recognition, you can record your question or answer and send it, instead of typing them.

In the app, the question appears in the form of cards which can swipe left or right to move on the next question. Apart from this, Google has kept all safety of their users. For eg, when someone answers a question, their name, phone number, email, kept in secret mode.

In addition, the Neighbourly app is free to download on Play Store. As the app is only available for Mumbai city, so users in Mumbai can start interacting with their neighbours. While users in other cities can sign up to get notified when the app launched in their city. Do try this Neighbourly App and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.

Download Neighbourly App from here