Google Could Launch Pixel Watch Alongside New Pixel 4 Next Week

There is some rumor on the launch of pixel watch by Google next week. For the few years, there was always a piece of rumor information about smartwatch being in development. Now all new Google hardware is going to get launched along with Google Pixel 4 on 15th October 2019 Tuesday.


Along with the pixel watch rumor, it is expected that a 5G variant of Google Pixel 4 will also launch with a new notebook. Although it is not confirmed that the new smartwatch by Google will be named as Google Pixel smartwatch

Since almost each and every hardware why Google is named Pixel, so it is not expected to have the same branding for the smartwatch. According to the rumor, all-new Google smartwatch will be running on Google wear OS operating system.

But according to other rumors, this device will also be a hybrid watch. It is expected because Google has acquired new hybrid watch technology and 20 different engineers from Fossil.  

The entire deal was for $40 million, and the possibilities that this current Technology will be available in Google Pixel Watch. After the completion of the deal, an executive from Fossil confirmed that Google has purchased IP from them which will be new technology.

They have also confirmed that this technology is entirely new to the market, and the product will have several extra features and benefits which are not available in the current market. 

We will get to know more about these particular devices after it gets launched next week. Google Pixel 4 will be the latest edition of the pixel line up, which will be available in both 4G and 5G variant.


There is no actual rendering of pixel watch available, but it is expected to be available in several variants according to the user preference.