Google Finally Comes Up with the Rival of iMessage for Android

RCS which is Rich Communication Service that will enable richer functions to the messaging app is now set to replace SMS globally. In an announcement made by Google, it stated that this new feature of RCS is now available on all android phones worldwide via Google Messages application. This feature is similar to Apple’s iMessage which will allow Android users to rich messages without the need of sending through applications such as WhatsApp or Messanger.


In recent years, Google has been cooperating with some of the equipment manufacturers in the mobile phone industry and collaborating with carrier networks in certain countries to provide Rich Communication Services function in standard messages. This chat function is an update of the regular SMS function which allows users to send and receive messages, image, videos over Wifi or data. Just like the popular messaging platforms have features like read receipts, react to a message, these are available in the native messaging application.


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Google has done an extensive promotion of this RCS chat function as it wants the platform to be one of the best modern messaging platforms for users on an Android ecosystem. Any user from the world can get their hand on this feature from their carrier or from Google.

It will use End to End Encryption on RCS which means that third-party applications, including Google, won’t be able to read the content in the message. There will be a global release of the feature and is currently in a testing phase and it wants feedback from users worldwide on this application. It is known that testing of this feature will be continued till the next year. If this feature is wildly adapted then there is a possibility that it could replace native message feature of SMS.