Google Fi – Everything You Need to Know

Google is a company that has the capability to transform any industry because of the power it carries and the outreach it has. The latest google product to hit the market is the Google Fi. It is a mobile phone service that Google is offering and like all Google offerings this one also has a great potential to transform the whole industry.


What exactly is Google Fi?

Google Fi is the latest Google offering in the field of wireless services in the U.S. at a very low cost. The service primarily operates over WiFi wherever possible and when the WiFi is not possible it switches to data service of T-Mobile or Sprint whichever is available.

Google has announced the launch of Fi as a collaboration with the wireless carriers. And it says that the service allows it to work closely with leading service providers, hardware manufacturers, and the vast customer base of the industry to push the limits of possibilities in this field. Actually this is not an innovative idea by Google. This is something which was already being provided by FreedomPop and Republic Wireless.

Initially Fi is available only on Google’s Nexus 6 and is available only on an invitational basis.

How is Google Fi priced?

Google is offering a very unique pricing structure for its service. This unique feature is the facility to the customers to pay only for the amount of data they use. The data that they could not use would not be charged and they would be credited back for that. Apart from this added benefit the other prices are quite similar to what is offered in the market at this time. Google is charging $ 20 per month for unlimited talk & text. And for data services it charges $ 10 for every GB used. These prices are at least really competitive if not too low than the other service providers. The service also gives you an international coverage for more than 120 countries.

Let’s see how that unique pricing works and how you get credited for the unused data. Let’s suppose you take the 5 GB plan but at the end of the month used only 3.2 GB then you would get back $ 18 (1GB = $10) as a credit and you’ll end up paying for only what you have actually used. That sounds really good.

Google Fi’s Impact on the Industry

Well Google is not here trying to become the leader in wireless market but it surely is putting a lot of pressure on the other leading carriers such as AT&T. It is definitely not considerably cheaper than similar service from FreedomPop or Replublic Wireless or from data plans by T-Mobile & Sprint but it still has an impact on the market. This is good for the industry as a whole and also from the consumer’s point of view.


Google has already caused the broadband operators to increase their speeds when it introduced its Fiber internet Service and this time it might do something similar to the wireless network market.