Google Confirms Digital Wellbeing Doesn’t Slow Down the Pixel 3

In the last few days, many Pixel 3 users have face performance issue and claimed that it was due to Digital Wellbeing App. The issue has become so critical that it reached into Google’s reach and a team at Google did a complete analysis of it. After the thorough analysis based on the bug reports and internal testing, Google confirmed that the slow down of Pixel 3 was not due to Digital Wellbeing.


While doing the testing of Pixel 3, many other issues were reported to improve the performance of the phone, but not even single test result stated that it is due to Digital Wellbeing.


Earlier, many Pixel 3 users have reported issues regarding performance on Reddit. One of the user also mentioned that he tried formatting the smartphone, but the issue was not solved. After turning off the Digital Wellbeing, the performance of Pixel 3 improved significantly.

There is no detailed information about what were the other issues and how they are being modified. Also, no information is given about when this update will go live. Stay connected to know more Pixel 3 performance issue and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.