Google Comes Up with Bug-Fixing Android Lollipop Update 5.0.2

Android Lollipop 5.0 update was not so forgotten that the new update of 5.0.1 have arrived. It has been just a week that this update have reached us via OTA and the next Android Lollipop Update 5.0.2 have came up. It is said that the Google came up with this update for improving the stability of the OS and also to fix some bugs.


Android 5.0.1 was rather a minor update, with only a few notable changes. Android Lollipop Update 5.0.2 is definitely bigger, but it’s still not huge. Google  managed to address some issues with MountService which should now start before performBootDexOpt.

The company pushed Android 5.0.2 in AOSP earlier today and has also published the factory images containing the new version of the Nexus 7 (2012) Wi-Fi version on its Android Developer Page.

The is no word or no discussion whether this Android Lollipop Update 5.0.2 will be available to all Nexus device or it will be limited to the Nexus 7 tablets. We need to wait a bit more to know more about this update. So stay connected and keep visiting Above Android to know more about Android Lollipop Update 5.0.2.