Google Assistant Now Understands Custom Commands for Third-Party Products

As we know, earlier this month Google has announced the rollout of Google Assistant in seven new languages, including Hindi. Now Google is rolling more new feature which will make voice-enabled assistant more flexible. Earlier only developers were able to create custom commands using the Google Assistant. That means it will control the app by users voice when talking to Google Assistant.


With action on Google, developers can build integrations for Google’s voice assistant. Now third-party developers can create the conversation-based actions on Google Assistant. It means the new action on Google will result in new Assistant feature for all users.

According to Google blog post, the Google Assistant can now support “Custom Device Actions.” The new feature will enable the Google Assistant to understand particular voice commands.

However, the Assistant was first seen on different smartphones and on Google Home speakers. But now the Google Assistant is very common and seen on many devices. Earlier users get very limited commands to use Assistant on their smartphone. But now you can give more detailed commands to your Assistant.

As per a report by Google, users can now get more access to play media on their smart speaker and Android handsets. The Assistant’s new feature will also provide TV show clips, relaxation sounds, news briefings, interactive stories, and more. You can now use voice commands on Assistant to pause or play a media. It will help you to turn off the display and still continue listening to the audio.

Additionally, Subscription was one of the original features of Assistant when it was only available in Google Allo app. With the latest update, you are able to subscribe to notifications using Actions on Google Assistant. It will help you to notify about the stock price change or news alert as it happens. Many famous websites taking advantage of this new feature which includes Esquire and Forbes.


Developers can take advantage of Google Assistant’s new feature. It will take some weeks to roll this feature for normal users. If you are a developer then do try this feature and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.