Google Assistant now available for Android Tablets

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a personal voice assistant developed by Google which can do almost anything with just Voice similar to Apple iPhone Siri. You could Interact with Google assistant just through the help of Keyboard also. Google Assistant is Available for Both Android and iOS Platforms. It can able to Control and Automate things at home, natural language processing, voice recognition and do Google translation and all of it being very useful and being more Assistive for the Users. This Voice Recognition supported Google Assistant helps you to Translate anything from Chinese to English quickly, Buy Movie tickets, Find a Nearby Restaurant which serves that Specific Chinese Chopsuey. Schedule an Appointment, Set an Alarm, Search the Internet, Adjust settings like increasing the brightness or Silent down your phone by reducing Volume and Helps you to Navigate there Via Google Maps.


Google Assistant also came Shipped with many products like the Google Home, Android Wear 2.0 Software Update, On your Phone and The Android Wear Watches. The Assistant Replaces the Google Voice which found on Platforms like the Android TV.

Google Assistant Now for Android Tablets and even Phones with lollipop

People have been waiting to see the Google assistant in action for the old phones which still runs on the lollipop and also Android Tablets. Google Assistant rollout will be happy news to many people. Some have even tried to root their Phones with Custom ROM’s only to see their Old Phones and Tablets to run the Google Assistant. Apparently, it would have crashed and Unsupported with Tablets because of their size and compatibility issues.

Now when it officially supports, There isn’t any need to do any tinkering just to make them run. Google assistant will be individually available to tablets with Android 6.0 Marshmallow according to Google. You could see the update rolling out to all Android Lollipop phones and Marshmallow Tablets in coming weeks. Keep checking play store as it will show up anytime. Google Assistant to Old Android Lollipop phones and Tablets will be a Perfect Christmas gift from Google for the older Devices.