Google App Beta Gets Option to Edit and Share Screenshots

Last year in April, the Google app began testing a built-in screenshot editor. Over frequent updates, the Google app gets a new feature to its latest beta update. Google app beta adds a function which allows users to edit and share screenshot directly from the app. This feature is available for Android on Beta version 7.21.


Once updated to latest beta version, you can take a screenshot, edit it by cropping or adding details and share directly from the app. This feature is rolling in all country including India. However, the feature is only for beta users but it will soon roll out to the stable version of the Google app.

Make sure that screenshot editing and quick sharing feature can only be made within the app. That means the feature will work when the Google app is active or when viewing websites launched from the Feed section.

How It Works:

For activating this feature on your Android device, open the Google app setting menu and select the Account and privacy section. In that, you will find an “Edit and share screenshots” option at the bottom of the screen. By enabling it, the feature is ready to work.

After capturing a screenshot, a small menu panel will automatically slide from the bottom of the screen. It will ask you to directly share the image or perform some edits first. Later you can proceed to crop and add some text to it. Once you’re done with a screenshot, simply touch on the check mark for finishing your process.

Your edited work will be saved and will ask you to share the image or not. The option to edit and share a screenshot can be done from the start of the app. It is done just by swiping away or by scrolling the down the panel.


However, the feature works only within the app, but it will work on all part of the app including Search, Feed and even on web pages visited through Chrome Custom Tabs within the app. Apart from this, the company with improving the Google app in its future versions. Also, the feature will work within Android OS and it will available outside of the application. Implementing this feature with Android OS it will make a more powerful screenshot editor.

If you haven’t received the update on Google app, you can become a part of the Android beta program here. Do try this feature and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.