Google to add Restaurant wait times to Google Search and Maps

Google announced a new feature to Google Search and also it will roll out on Google Maps. The new Feature shows you the estimated wait times for restaurants present in your areas. Google has its existing feature which shows the busy time for business. The addition in this feature helps you to decide where and when they want to eat their dinner with the help of tweak.


Google’s new restaurant wait times feature also comes from the aggregated and anonymized data which is provided by users who opted in Google Location History. This the same data that powers popular times, wait times and visit duration.

In the case of restaurants, Google will now add a pop-up box that appears when you Click on a time frame in the popular time’s chart. The box will show the live status as “busy,” “usually busy,” “usually not busy,” etc., along with the wait time.

You can plan your visit by referring the info on the peak wait times and duration which is present just below the popular time charts section. for eg, it will show you People typically spend 45 mins to 2 hr here. The new wait time feature will be supported for a million restaurant which is listing worldwide, initially in Google Search.

With the addition, Google is challenging the existing app like NoWait which is already present in Google PlayStore. It helps you for seeing restaurant wait times. But unlike Google, NoWait also lets you put your name on the list for those restaurants that don’t take reservations.

Google says after the feature rolls out and get once live you can see the times in the restaurant listings on both mobile and desktop. Then this feature will come to Google Maps

for Android Users. Do try this new feature of Restaurant wait times and lets us know about your experience. Feel free to comment in our comment section below.